What is the Buzz about the Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter?

The Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter is a heavy-duty, fast-flow, convenient and portable funnel with built-in, patent pending filter.

The Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter is specially designed to filter out water, dirt, and debris from most fuels including, gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and kerosene. These harmful contaminants can lead your engine to a loss of efficiency, engine shutdown, or even system failure.

What are people saying about the Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter?

Read what top magazines are saying:

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“This product is great! Keeps engines running smoother with less wear/tear on the motor.”

Joseph W. - Winona, MN

“I highly recommend Mr. Funnel, especially in the back woods areas where fuel could get contaminated with water or debris.  My Grandson left the cap off a container of gas and it rained at night.  This funnel separated the water from the gas and was able to use the gas without having to throw it out.”

James L. - Warners, NY

“I always thought the purpose of a funnel was to get liquid from one container to another.  I always thought the filter on the motor would take care of all of the contaminants, but after using Mr. Funnel on gas and diesel fuel, boy was I wrong!  This filter did everything shown in the video.  This is a great product which I would defiantly recommend for use by everyone, Thank you.”

Curtis F. - Dickinson, ND

“The Fuel Filter Funnel from “Mr. Funnel” is one of the best tools I have found for my ATV.  It is great to have a way of adding clean fuel in dirty conditions, and Mr. Funnel provides this.  They also offer four different sizes for different jobs.  I recommend Mr. Funnel with full confidence.”

Randy C. - Cedar City, UT

“Mr. Funnel is by far the best funnel on the market today.  I’ve used it on gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuels.  I’ve “doctored” each with water and trash.  In all cases this funnel did all it was advertised to do.  This is a SUPER Funnel!”

Jack W. - Oak Harbor, OH

“Easy to use, great to use after fuel has been sitting for up to a year in gas cans”  Arthur F. - Beaumont, TX

“I tried the funnel, but really couldn’t tell if it worked.  I then filled the funnel with some water, and not one drop of water got through the screen.  This is a must have funnel.  Plus, it stores nicely in my boat.”

Drew L. - Lake Isabella, CA

“I’m amazed at how much junk comes out of the gas and would recommend this to everyone to use”

Don S. - Baxter, MN

“After using this product my lawn equipment runs a lot better.  Especially my lawn mower.”

Joseph K. - Auburndale, FL

“I just finished cleaning out my snow blower, and got my power mower ready.  I was really surprised to find out what was in my snow blower gas tank and also what was in my 5 gallon storage can.  Dirt, Condensation and bugs! This product is easy to use.”

Francis Conshohocken - PA

“Mr. Funnel is a good product to help filter out any debris before entering your engine, which will save any carb or engine maintenance in the future.  It also stays put when I fill my ATV and does not have to be held.”

John S. - Erving, MA

“This product does exactly what it’s suppose to do.  Take water out of your gasoline.  Stored gas gets condensation and it needs to be removed.  Very good product for the task.  It does the job.”

Donald P. - Long Beach, MS

“I would like to say that this product has saved me about $1,000 for my cars, boat, ATV, and mowers.  I could not believe what was in my tanks.”  I would like to thank you for a product that works so good.  Love it!”

Marrion J. - Bowing Green, KY

“It’s amazing how Mr. Funnel really removes all of the water from the fuel.  I would recommend Mr. Funnel to anyone with an ATV, motorcycle, or snowmobile to help remove junk and water from gas cans or gas tanks.”

Cody J. - Orem, UT

“I would recommend the product as I have long been concerned about contaminants getting into the fuel from portable containers and this will alleviate my concerns.  Storage containers are not always stored in the cleanest areas and gas pump nozzles are not always perfect.  I was very surprised and pleased to note that the screen does not pass water.”

Kenneth M. - Northampton, MA

“The quality is outstanding.  You can always count on getting clean fuel whenever you use the funnel.”

Keith D. - Holts Summit, MO

“Did my own test and poured rusty gas from an old gas can and it did what it promised.  The gas went in dirty and came out clean.  Then I poured a cup of water in the filter, then poured in the gas and it kept all of the water in the funnel.  I would recommend this product to my friends in the lawn mowing business.”

David C. - Bradenton, FL

“I would recommend this product to fellow Handman Club members.”

Jaime M. - Coachella, CA

“An excellent way to pour fuel and filter out contaminants at the same time without clogging the funnel.  We all can throw away those funnels with that little screen at the bottom!”

Mark H. - Wadsworth, OH

“Works easily to filter gas for all applications.”

Mark B. - Jefferson City, MO

“I feel the Mr. Funnel F3C is a great product-easy to use and cleans up without difficulty”

Judy H. - Edgewood, KY

“I would recommend this funnel because it cleans just like you described and will keep your engines running longer.”

Jerry B. - Brookfield, MO

“I wish I had one of the F3C Funnels a long time ago.  It does what it says.”

Perry T. - Siletz, OR

“It is a wonderful product and will be a welcomed addition to my tool collection.”

Curtis D. - Roaring Branch, PA

“I would recommend the fuel filter funnel.  I have been doing a lot of yard work, aerating, mowing, etc.  I have noticed a considerable difference in the way my mowers and aerators run.”

James W. - Denver, CO

“Mr. Funnel is an excellent way to keep harmful debris from entering the fuel tank.  It is easy to use on any fuel accessory.”

Johnnie H. - Stephenville, TX

“When you need something like this, nothing else will do.  This one does it very well.  It cleans rust and dirt particles out of fuel with reliability and efficiency.  Provides cleaned up fuel for motor protection.  I would rate this item high on an outdoorsman’s list of stuff to keep stuff working.”

Lloran J. - Hauser, ID

“Mr. Funnel does an excellent job of separating impurities out of old gas.  I used Mr. Funnel to fill my motorcycle with fuel after it was in storage all winter.  I used fuel that had been in storage.  The motorcycle ran great with no fuel problems. “

Richard R. - Great Falls, MT

“I would recommend this product for ease of use.  It certainly does a great job of separating water from gas.  Also, it safely removes and crud that has collected in your gas container.”

Martin S. - Westport, NY

“I am happy to report this filter is great!  After seeing all of the “stuff” that the filter removes, I will be using the filter for everything I have.  I would think that the small engines would need less trips to the shop.  I will not fill another tank without the filter.  Works great.”

Bob S.

“Mr. Funnel is perfect for keeping debris out of a fuel tank.  I have used it extensively since receiving it.  Excellent product!”

Bradley K. - Hammond, WI

“It did all it claims to do.  It filtered water and dirt from the fuel as the fuel is being poured.  It has sizes to fit everyone’s needs.  I recommend it to anyone who owns machinery or equipment that requires fuel to be poured.”

Leonard H. - Sidney, NY

“I used Mr. Funnel on my four wheel as well as my lawn mower.  It opened my eyes to all of the dirt that has been going into my equipment-this is a life saver to all who use it.”

Kevin W. - Wichita Falls, TX

“I would recommend this product to anyone with outdoor power equipment.  If you store your fuel outside this product is a must have.  It kept out dirt and debris and even kept out some water from going into the fuel tank.  This is an excellent product.”

Thomas R. - Gainesboro, TN

“Anyone with ATV’s or any gas power engine has got to get this!  This cleans dirt, grime, as well as water.  Inexpensive price for a funnel compared to engine prices.”

Ken S. - Round Rock, TX

“Amazing! No water goes through the filter.  An easy way to filter gas for all of your yard equipment and land toys!!!”

Doug M. - Red Lion, PA

“The Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter is very useful in separating the water from the gas that had collected in the gas tank.  It made the fuel useful again, thank you.”

Randy V. - Mankato, MN

“The Mr. Funnel Filtering system works like a dream.  Mr. Funnel makes it really easy.”

David H. - Onalaska, WI

“Mr. Funnel works great for filling anything with fuel.  I was impressed with how it contained such small particles of debris that are present in the fuel and its very easily cleaned once finished.  I also placed a couple drops of water in some fuel (just to test it, and it appeared to remove it completely), very good product!.”

Kim G. - Defiance, OH

“Mr. Funnel is well designed and does what it is supposed to do.  I will use it when fueling all of my lawn and marine engines.”

D. Brisk - Waukesha, WI

“Works very well, to keep contaminants out of all of my equipment: Mowers, blowers, and chain saws.”

C. Watts - Morristown, TN

“My lawn mowers as well as my ATV seem to run a lot better after filling the tanks with Mr. Funnel”

Charles L. - New Freedom, PA

“I was surprised to see how well this worked.  Trapped dirt when I filled my four wheeler.  This dirt would have ended up in my motor.”

Richard M. - Whitehall, PA

“I took mine to work to give it a good test.  I work for a golf course, and have a lot of gas cans for our equipment.  So after 35-40 gallons of regular gas and 10-15 gallons of two-stroke mix, I was surprised to see the amount of water and gunk it trapped.  Water, sand, grass clippings and assorted bugs.  Well worth having if you use gas in an environment like ours, with all the things that can get into your fuel.”

Arthur M. - Luzerne, PA

“I use Mr. Funnel for my generator to get water out of gas.  I was really surprised it worked!  Mr. Funnel is easy to carry with you.”

Richard H. - Dunnellon, FL

“Positively removes water from gasoline.”

Melvin P. - Winchester, VA

“I highly recommend Mr. Funnel for anyone who has gas driven tools.  I own gas powered hedge trimmers, several roto tillers, generators, lawn mowers, tractors, leaf blowers, autos, string trimmers, etc.  All these tools require clean fuel and the design is great fore removing water and grime.  It’s a product that’s a must.”

James G. - Lewisberry, PA

“Great to have in the garage, campsite, boat, etc.  Anywhere you would transfer fuel from a portable container to the gas tank.”

Thomas B. - Middle Village, NY

“Great Product! Wish I’d had one on several occasions before!”

Gary G. - Abernathy, TX

“Mr. Funnel is excellent.”

Paul B. - Westfield, MA

“With the high cost of gas today, any item that helps you save gas is a big help.  Mr. Funnel works and is excellent.”

Garfield M. - Hazard, KY

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